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Session: Electronic and Magnetic Materials and Magnets

  Spintronics – Fundamentals and Applications

Soft- and Hard Magnetic Materials and Applications

Multi-Functional Magnetic Materials, Functional and Magnetic Composite Materials and Applications


Electric Machines, Drives, Control, Transformers

Magnetics Recording: AMI and Robotic Intelligence System

Recording Media

Write and Read Heads

Energy-Assisted Recording

All-Optical Recording and Other New Recording

Recording Systems and Modeling

Sensors and High-Frequency Devices: Magnetic Field Sensors (Non-Recording), Sensors (Not of Magnetic Fields), Microwave and Millimeter Wave Materials and Devices

Magnetoelectronic and Magnetocaloric-effect Materials and Phenomena

Magnetization Dynamics and Micromagnetics

Quantum Materials: Cooperative States, Superconductivity, Spin Liquids, etc.

Structured Materials and Applications

Materials for non-volatile memory and neuromorphic computing (including ferroelectrics, phase change, RRAM, magnetic)

Permanent Magnet and Electromagnet – Development and Applications

The Joint International Conference on Applied Physics and Materials Applications & Applied Magnetism and Ferroelectrics (ICAPMA-JMAG-2021)

December 1 - 4, 2021, Pattaya, Thailand



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