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Session: Engineering Technology for Industrial Applications

  Operations Research

Production and Operations Management

Quality Control and Management

Maintenance Engineering

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Systems Modeling and Simulation


Automation and Robotics

Machine Tools and Manufacturing Processes

Mechanical Design and Dynamics of Mechanism

Fluid Mechanics, Combustion and Engineering Physics

Heat and Mass Transfer

Vibration Measuring and Reliability Analysis

Finite Element Analysis for Mechanical Engineering

Mechatronics Design Control Systems

Instrumentation and Control Engineering

Sensors and Applications

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Applied Computer for Civil and Environmental Engineering

Construction Engineering and Management

Geographical Information Systems

Geotechnical Analysis and Design

Infrastructure Life-Cycle Management

The Joint International Conference on Applied Physics and Materials Applications & Applied Magnetism and Ferroelectrics (ICAPMA-JMAG-2021)

December 1 - 4, 2021, Pattaya, Thailand



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