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Session: Bioplastics, Biomaterials, Polymer Composite and Environmental Materials

  Polymer Materials; Nanocomposites and hybrid nanomaterials

Polymer blends, films, fibres, networks and porous materials

Characterization, modelling and simulation of molecular and materials properties in bulk, solution, and thin films

Polymer Engineering; Advanced multiscale processing methods

Polymer Synthesis, Modification and Self-assembly; Including designer polymer architectures, mechanisms and kinetics, and supramolecular polymerization.

Polymers for energy generation and storage; Polymer membranes for separation technology; Polymers for opto- and microelectronics

Polymer synthesis and reactions

Polymer structures

Physical properties of polymers

Polymer surface and interfaces

Functional polymers

Supramolecular polymers

Self-assembled materials

Biopolymers and bio-related polymer materials

Polymer engineering 

Polymer applications in energy storage and conversion, separations, membranes, adhesives, functional coatings, sensing, adaptive and reconfigurable materials, electronics, photonics, biomaterials, and nanocomposites.

The Joint International Conference on Applied Physics and Materials Applications & Applied Magnetism and Ferroelectrics (ICAPMA-JMAG-2021)

December 1 - 4, 2021, Pattaya, Thailand



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