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Session: Computational Materials, Physics and Chemistry, Artificial Intelligence, and Modeling

  Computational modeling of materials properties and phenomena 

First-principle calculations, Density-functional theory

Atomic and molecular-scale simulations: Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics techniques

Semi-empirical: tight-binding, ab-initio methods and embedded-atom methods

Other modeling techniques using macroscopic input: FE-methods.

Electronic, magnetic, dynamical, transport, mechanical, growth, formation process and thermo-dynamical properties of nanoscale systems and materials.

Structure-property relationships for new materials in conjunction with data informatics,

Novel capabilities of computational tools, technical software and shareware, or cyberinfrastructures.

Application and development of existing and emerging theoretical and simulation approaches for the study of materials in their entirety (organic and inorganic).

The Joint International Conference on Applied Physics and Materials Applications & Applied Magnetism and Ferroelectrics (ICAPMA-JMAG-2021)

December 1 - 4, 2021, Pattaya, Thailand



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